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When the School Energy Management Program (S.E.M.P.) ended in August 2018, it left an economic void in many school budgets.  School Districts had to make some budgetary adjustments and unfortunately several dozen Energy Managers either took early retirement or were released from employment.  This leaves a void of expertise in those Districts regarding Energy Management and best practices. 
Energy Management typically has huge results in the beginning of an implemented program.  Several School Districts saw huge savings the first couple of years that S.E.M.P. came to life.  But the sequential years were not so kind because most of the buildings had been retrofitted and had controls installed.  They were also being monitored, managed and controlled by a Professional.  The cost was greatly lowered in the beginning, but they couldn’t go any lower.  What happens to a District when you remove the Professional?   In 3 separate discussions with Superintendents it was discovered the utility usage rose almost unilaterally in all buildings in a District.  In addition to the rising utility usage, the utility provider rates started rising. A school District needs a Professional Energy Consultant to help control those costs. 
The K.S.P.M.A. Energy Services program was designed to help School Districts manage energy consumption, reduce energy cost, and monitor problem areas.  We bring our Professionals to your District.  The K.S.P.M.A. believes that by helping Districts meet the requirements of School Board Policies and moral responsibility, that the District will see returns that will impact generations down the road.

Our Energy Services management program focuses not only on the buildings, equipment, historical data, and reporting.  It also focuses on the people. Faculty, staff and students all have a big role in Energy Management.  Our services will help bridge that gap between the human factor and the building and machines. 


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For more information contact Terry V. Salyers KSPMA Energy Management Program Director

Email:  terry.salyers@kspma.org 


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